California Food Aid aims to raise awareness about the fight against childhood obesity,  food insecurity and undernourishment inflicting many of our children. Many current diseases that kids encounter, like child obesity, adolescent diabetes, various allergies, and skin diseases, and even some forms of cancer, have been related to what kids eat at a young age.

We develop educational programs and work with local schools to bring these programs directly to the students and their families. We fight to ensure that every child in California has the best possible start to a healthy and prosperous life.

Now during the coronavirus pandemic, we are working on a special project to assist children from low-income families who have lost the opportunity to receive free lunch at school as they study at home. We are collecting food to bring lunches directly to the homes of children in need.

At California Food Aid, we are passionate about our contribution to get rid of food shortage and to provide proper nutrition in the United States, specifically, among children of families in need. We view quality of food as a major contributor to disease prevention, especially among children. We devote all our efforts to identify families in need through local social services and to provide them with quality food and nutritional counseling.


California Food Aid held a series of food distribution events as part of a special events series devoted to COVID-19 impacted kindergarteners in Los Angeles. We would like to recognize and thank those who contributed to these events in their community, including Trader Joe's at 8611 Santa Monica Blvd., and at 11755 Olympic Blvd., with food donations, and world-famous tennis players Elina Svitolina, Gael Monfils, Stan Wawrinka, and Andrey Rublev for their time.