Educating Kids About Healthy Choices in Food

We are a nonprofit public charity, that raises funds to promote proper nutrition from childhood for a better quality of life. California Food Aid provides education programs about proper nutrition as well as offers theoretical, psychological and practical support for families in order to live a better quality of life.


Supporting the desire of people to be healthy and raise healthy children, we have created a platform on a charity basis that will help everyone who is interested to learn more about proper nutrition and needs theoretical, psychological and practical support.

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California Food Aid, a 501c (3) non-profit public charity, is based in Los Angeles, CA and formed in 2010. The organization's motto “Strong Start for a healthy child” was created to inspire children and adolescents to switch to proper nutrition, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and encourage the entire family to build a diet without harmful foods. 


LA OPEN JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT “Strong start for a healthy child”  benefiting  CALIFORNIA FOOD AID


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WHEN: AUGUST 1-2, 2020


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Our Programs

Achievements of the modern world in medicine, information technology, space research, unfortunately, have not yet solved the main task of mankind - to defeat the lack of healthy food. At California Food Aid, we have developed, implemented and successfully applied a number of programs aimed at solving the basic problem - access to good nutrition.

Reporting problems is a step towards solving them.

We consider communication to be an important task, that is, disseminating information about the problems of society with access to healthy food and ways to solve them. Indeed, in an intense information flow it is easy not to notice the really important or miss the point.

A daily shortage of natural food has a serious negative effect on people's quality of life. This is especially true for children, because their body is only being formed, and the brain is actively developing and is under constant stress. Children need to receive the necessary nutrients for proper development and growth, for the foundation of good health and mental balance in the future.

Therefore, we believe that providing children with healthy food is a priority for society. No family should make a difficult choice between natural products and any other daily needs.

The issue of food security directly concerns nearly two million California children who are undernourished. State farmers produce about half of all fruits and vegetables in the country, but government support for the timely distribution of food is not enough. Indeed, the more products are delivered, for example, to California Food Banks, the higher the financial costs of storage and transportation. This is especially true for perishable dairy and meat products. Therefore, it is very important to convey to everyone information about exactly where the problems exist and where efforts should be made to eliminate them.

Work with children

Often, schools and parents, due to lack of money and time, cannot provide children with the necessary tools to form the right eating habits. California Food Aid is well placed to provide educational programs in schools and families to create a healthy and safe environment for children to grow.

What are we doing:

• we conduct lectures on healthy nutrition developed by our nutritionists;

• organize workshops on creating a healthy menu and cooking;

• We carry out games and quests on the subject of healthy eating;

• draw up individual nutrition plans;

• provide constant information and moral support to the participants of our programs.

We make our activities for children interesting, exciting and interactive in order to maximally involve them in the process of studying proper nutrition and help to form healthy eating habits.


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