Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that proper nutrition staring at an early age will promote an overall better quality of life for our children and prevent many diseases.

We have explored numerous topics and consulted with specialists in development of our educational programs and special events all designed to address the food insecurity and poor nutrition.:

• Qualified nutritionists will provide detailed educational lectures about food and nutrition for the target audiences;

• Nutritionists will also create healthy food menus for the schools with focus on prevention of childhood and adult diseases related to improper nutrition;

• We will present real-life, accessible and tangible examples of healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.

Our tasks

We want to inspire children and adolescents to learn about healthy eating and proper nutrition, cultivating clean eating within the entire family unit.

Children’s health is a building block to the health of our society overall. Proper nutrition and early intervention allow for the preservation of both physical and mental health.

We are developing up-to-date educational materials and delivering them to our target audiences in exciting, interesting and relevant ways. The ongoing trainings allow our educators and presenters to relate to any audience and inspire their participation in the programs.

How it works?

Seminars, educational lectures, conferences, and face-to-face conversations allow us to share the information on the importance of healthy eating by presenting it in innovative and exciting ways.

A team of experienced psychologist, nutritionist and physicians are always ready and available to help the participants learn about healthy eating and propagate this information among their families and friends.

Who is financing us?

Our work is supported by a combination of regular sponsors, grants and private investments. We welcome anyone who is interested in participating and contributing by becoming a sponsor or making a donation towards the health of our children.

Another option for financial participation is through sale of specific products. The proceeds from these sales will be used in further development of this program.