Who We Are

California Food Aid fights kids’ obesity, undernourishment and food insecurity. We are eager to work with local schools to provide proper nutrition education to students and their parents. We work hard to raise funds to ensure every child in California is able to get accustomed with healthy eating habits. We provide a plethora of programs like dietitian services, school health lectures, food distribution, and special events customized to the needs of various children’s groups.

California Food Aid work together with numerous organizations to give kids the keys to health and academic success. We encourage through nutrition lessons and changes that make it possible for children to eat wholesomely and stay active every day.

Our Mission

To provide nutrition counseling, food to the families in need and encourage healthy eating and healthier environment where kids can thrive.

Our History

Found in 2010 with an idea to provide better healthier future for the kids of California and fight “food insecurity” to encourage proper nutrition education through dietitian services and health lectures to the families in need.