In 2010, when we started our program and objective to help the children from needy families, we had many ideas and goals to accomplish. Currently, we are very pleased and happy with the efforts, results, and accomplishments that we achieved.

Thanks for the support that made it all possible!

Mr. Peter Wright


With continuous changes and money concerns, schools and parents are not always able to provide children with the right tools to learn about healthy eating habits or get nutrition advice. California Food Aid provides all tools necessary to help families and children groups implement the healthy environment where kids can flourish and thrive! Start today!

Dietitian Services/Health Lectures:

Our certified dieticians are available for presentations, tailored programs, classroom visits and activities, as well as creation of programs and meal plans. We make learning about food and nutrition fun and engaging with a customized children’s program designed to hold their interest and make healthy eating fun and understandable.

Food Distribution

Food insecurity is an issue that affects many California children. Without food subsidies and assistance programs at schools, many children would go without adequate amount of food. Programs that help bring access to food are key partners for many schools.

Other Events

Children learn in many different ways. Learning about and getting access to good nutrition doesn’t just come in one form. Events, presentations, cooking demonstrations, games, and other interactive activities all work together to reinforce the concept of healthy eating and can be fun. Our certified dieticians can create single events or ongoing programs to bring food education to children in need.